Board of Directors

The Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club is managed by 12 volunteer board members. One third of the Directors are elected each year in the fall and serve three year terms. The board meets on the third Thursday of each month and offers two open meetings per year to hear directly from members. You may contact the board with general comments by filling out the form below. We welcome any and all suggestions, comments and concerns about the pool.


Tom Smith  (2014-2017)  President
Ann Caldwell  (2014-2017) Vice President
Sunshine Whiting (2016-2019)  Secretary
John LeGloahec  (2015-2018)  Treasurer



Membership  –Jennifer Daniels  (2015-2018)
Events  –Megan Daly  (2015-2018)
Engineering   –Chico Donelson   (2014-2017)
Grounds   –Lisa Olson  (2015-2018)
Operations   –Dawn Daggett   (2016-2019)
Snack Bar   –Jeanne Robinson  (2016-2019)
Technology   –Nathan Darling (2016-2019)
Tennis   –Gail Scott  (2014-2017)
Swim Team   –Ann Caldwell  (2014-2017)


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