Online Payment Now Available

Online Payment Option

The Board is pleased to announce that the online payment system is now available. You may visit the site (linked below) to pay your membership dues and swim team fees using your checking or savings accounts, or a personal credit card. The Board asks that members use a bank account for form of payment if possible as a ACH transaction only costs the Club $0.25 per transaction, as opposed to credit card transactions, which costs the Club nearly 3% of the transaction amount.

1. Log onto the website
2.Type last 4 digits of your phone number in both the ‘Payer Identifier’ and the ‘Confirm Payer Identifier’ fields.
NOTE: If you get an message that a payment is pending, type the 7 digit
phone number in each field.
3. Once on the site, complete all of the personal information fields. (Payment categories are available in the “messages” box on the right side of the page)
4. In the ‘Provide Payment Breakdown’ field, itemize the amount you entered in the ‘Payment Amount’ field. This will expedite the payment process.
5. Click on the Add a Payment Option link.
a. To pay by checking or savings account, click on the Bank Accounts tab.
To pay by credit card, click on the Card Accounts tab.
b. Enter the required information in the form, then click on Add.
6. In the ‘Payment Method’ field, click on the drop-down arrow, and select the correct method, if it does not automatically populate.
7. Once you have entered all of the required information on the ‘Home’ screen, click on the Continue to Payment button.
8. In the ‘Verify Payment’ form, complete the required fields, then click on the Make Payment button.
9. The ‘Confirmation’ window appears.
a. If you want to print the confirmation, select the Print Confirmation Page link.
10. When you are done, click on the Log Out link.

Please feel free to contact a member of the Board, specifically John LeGloahecNathan DarlingSunshine Phebus Whiting, or Megan Daly with any questions or concerns. The deadline for on time dues payments is Tuesday May 1.

Thank you,
John LeGloahec
President, CSRC

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