New Bylaws Proposed

New Bylaws Proposed

Greetings pool members!

As has been previously discussed, the Bylaws for the Cheverly Pool have not been updated for many years – as a result the business of the pool has been hindered by the restrictive clauses in the bylaws.  Earlier this year, an Ad Hoc Committee on the Pool Bylaws was formed to look at replacing the current bylaws.

The Bylaws were submitted to the Board of Directors for their approval and disseminated to the membership in June of this year.  The bylaws were also reviewed by an attorney for accuracy and correctness.  The Board of Directors approved the bylaws at its September meeting.

In about two weeks the Fall Newsletter and Ballot will be sent to the membership. In addition to voting for Board Members, the membership is being asked to vote on the new Bylaws. By its approval of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors recommends adoption of the new Bylaws document by the membership.

If you have any questions or comments on the bylaws document, please feel free to reach out to myself, John LeGloahec and/or Megan Daly, who chaired the Ad Hoc Committee.

Thank you to everyone for all you do in support of our great pool!  Our biannual Open Meeting will take place on Thursday December 6 at 7:00pm at the Cheverly Community Center.  Please mark your calendars for that meeting.


The Cheverly Board of Directors


Online Payment Now Available

Online Payment Option

The Board is pleased to announce that the online payment system is now available. You may visit the site (linked below) to pay your membership dues and swim team fees using your checking or savings accounts, or a personal credit card. The Board asks that members use a bank account for form of payment if possible as a ACH transaction only costs the Club $0.25 per transaction, as opposed to credit card transactions, which costs the Club nearly 3% of the transaction amount.

1. Log onto the website
2.Type last 4 digits of your phone number in both the ‘Payer Identifier’ and the ‘Confirm Payer Identifier’ fields.
NOTE: If you get an message that a payment is pending, type the 7 digit
phone number in each field.
3. Once on the site, complete all of the personal information fields. (Payment categories are available in the “messages” box on the right side of the page)
4. In the ‘Provide Payment Breakdown’ field, itemize the amount you entered in the ‘Payment Amount’ field. This will expedite the payment process.
5. Click on the Add a Payment Option link.
a. To pay by checking or savings account, click on the Bank Accounts tab.
To pay by credit card, click on the Card Accounts tab.
b. Enter the required information in the form, then click on Add.
6. In the ‘Payment Method’ field, click on the drop-down arrow, and select the correct method, if it does not automatically populate.
7. Once you have entered all of the required information on the ‘Home’ screen, click on the Continue to Payment button.
8. In the ‘Verify Payment’ form, complete the required fields, then click on the Make Payment button.
9. The ‘Confirmation’ window appears.
a. If you want to print the confirmation, select the Print Confirmation Page link.
10. When you are done, click on the Log Out link.

Please feel free to contact a member of the Board, specifically John LeGloahecNathan DarlingSunshine Phebus Whiting, or Megan Daly with any questions or concerns. The deadline for on time dues payments is Tuesday May 1.

Thank you,
John LeGloahec
President, CSRC

Dues and Membership Letter

March 2018 Newsletter

Work Program Form 2018

2018 Dues and Membership Letter and Newsletter

2018 Dues and Membership Letter and Newsletter

The Dues and Membership Letter and Newsletter should be arriving this week. We have been investigating online payment options since we learned this past winter that we can no longer use PayPal without user fees. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the $10 early payment discount this year as we move to a new payment platform. Stay tuned later this month for more information about online payment options. Dues paid by May 1st will not incur any late fees.

Dues and Membership Letter

March 2018 Newsletter

Work Program Form 2018

Get warmed up for the 2018 season

The Upper Tennis Courts are open. The longer days provide more time to get to the courts. Access the courts through the gate behind the Snack Bar. Please walk along the edge of the clay courts, not across them, especially if they are wet.

Tennis and Swim start dates

Ladies Tennis   June 5
Jr. Tennis          June 18
Swim Team      June 9

Have the pool calendar at your fingertips!

Fast and easy ways to access the pool calendar!

From your phone–Go to add calendar and type in to find and add the Pool’s calendar

From your desktop–Click the +Google Calendar icon on the bottom right of the screen and instantly add the calendar to your list of Google Calendars.

Member Self Service is Here

Have you ever wanted to pay for guests at the front desk by saying, “Put it on my tab” and sauntering into the pool like you own the place? Have you ever needed cash or a credit card for something at the pool and thought, “Can’t they just bill me, I’m a member after all?” Well those days are over. All you have to do is sign up for our Member Self Service system and provide your credit card or bank account information.  This will allow us to bill you for dues and services automatically. No more writing checks, no more needing cash or a credit card or a gift card at the front desk. Hopefully, next year the snack bar will also be “hooked up” to this system and you’ll be able to pay for food by saying, “Put it on my tab, please.”

Just follow these instructions: click here to join Cheverly Pool Member Self Service

Dues Payment Information

Please be aware that online payment is for current members only. If you have been on the waiting list and have not heard directly from Jennifer Daniels regarding your membership, do not pay dues via PayPal.