Childcare Provider Form

The Club permits childcare providers employed by members to use the Club upon payment of a seasonal fee. Use of the Club by childcare providers is a privilege, and the Club reserves the right to reject a request for any reason. Members are responsible for ensuring that their childcare providers adhere to the Club’s Operating Rules. Violations of the Rules by childcare providers may result in the suspension or loss of usage or membership privileges by the childcare provider and the member. Board policy prohibits childcare providers from visiting the pool alone (i.e., without member children) except on non-holiday weekdays. Childcare providers may not bring guests to the Club at any time.

The childcare provider fee for 2014 is again $200. The fee is not pro-ratable or refundable and may be used only for a single childcare provider. Childcare providers may bring other non-member children for whom they care to the Club for a seasonal fee of $75 per non-member child. Your childcare provider will not be admitted to the Club unless this form has been completed and appropriate fees paid at least one week prior to desired entrance to the Club.

Childcare Provider Form

  • Names and birth dates of non-member children who will use the Club under the care and supervision of the member's childcare provider. EACH CHILD IS AN ADDITIONAL $75.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Pool Conditions

The pool is closed for the season. We will reopen on Saturday, May 27th, 2017.