Membership FAQs

Member Fees

Member Fees:

One time equity payment

  • $925 per family
  • This equity payment is reimbursed to you when you resign, in a prorated form. (The club keeps 5% per year not to exceed 50%.) It is most often split into two payments, one of $465 when you become a seasonal member, and one of $460 when you become a full member.

Annual Dues

  • $550 per family
  • Family is defined as (a). people related to the member by blood or marriage and who permanently reside in the member’s home and (b). people living with the member and legally or financially dependent upon the member.

Discounted Dues

  • $540 if you pay before April 1st
  • $525 if paid before April 1st and the primary member of your family is 65 or over

Childcare Provider Fee

  • This person can bring your children to the pool in your absence.
  • $200 per childcare provider
  • $75 per child who is NOT in your family but will be attending the pool with your childcare provider



Please complete the entire application (including zip codes and an email address) to ensure prompt processing. Our waiting list is currently 2-3 years from the time we receive your application. Memberships are assigned in the order that they are received, so the sooner your application is received, the sooner you will be considered for membership. We continually offer memberships as we receive resignations, and maintain the list from year to year, so you only need to submit one application, which you can find here.

Membership Costs

Membership costs:

The cost for you and your family members listed on your application to become Full Members is an equity payment of $925, as well as each year’s dues ($550 for 2016). While the total initial cost is $1425 ($925 +$500), once your equity has been fully paid, in future years you would pay only the annual Club dues. Membership is actually a two step process whereby one becomes a Seasonal Member first, by paying half of the equity ($465) and all of the annual dues, until an upgrade to Full Membership becomes available, when one pays the remaining half of the equity ($460). Because our waiting list is so long, it is rare that you would be offered an upgrade to Full in the same year that you were offered a Seasonal membership. The first year cost to join would be $965 ($465 for equity & $500 for dues). When you resign, your equity payment is returned to you on a pro-rated basis (the Club keeps 5% per year, not to exceed 50%).

Please note: if you are offered a Full Membership but do not accept it, your Seasonal Membership will be terminated with a $100 handling fee deducted from any equity refund.

Waiting List

Waiting List:

The Club maintains ONE waiting list for membership, in TWO parts: a waiting list for all who have applied for membership and a list of the 30 Seasonal Members at the top of the list who are waiting to become Full Members. Seasonal Memberships (temporary steppingstone to Full Membership) pay 1/2 of the equity payment ($465) plus the annual dues. Seasonal members who are current in their dues maintain their position until a Full Membership opens up. Seasonal members are required to upgrade to Full Membership by paying the remainder of their equity payment ($460) as soon as it is offered, or risk termination of Membership and a $100 deduction from their equity reimbursement. Any remaining equity due will be refunded only upon the Club’s resale of your membership.

Please Note: We will allow you to pay for your dues as a Seasonal Member with a credit card only after your membership has been approved. We will email you a link to pay via PayPal upon approval.

Membership Types

Membership Types

Seasonal Membership vs. Full Membership: What is the difference?

Seasonal Membership:

The first step to membership is an initial/provisional membership. There are 30 Seasonal Memberships which occupy the top 30 positions on our waiting list. Seasonal members pay half of the equity payment & the entire annual dues amount. Seasonal members enjoy almost all member benefits while awaiting a Full Membership to become available for them EXCEPT Seasonals may not bring any guests on weekends or holidays, nor vote in elections, nor sponsor new members (although we encourage everyone to spread the word about our Club and to tell their friends to submit applications). Seasonal members in good standing continue as such until a Full Membership becomes available. When a Full Membership is offered, a Seasonal MUST convert within two weeks by paying the remaining half of their equity payment. If a Seasonal member does not pay the remainder of their equity, their membership will be terminated, and $100 will be deducted from any equity refund due.

Full Membership:

Formerly Seasonal members who were offered and accepted Full Membership as their names came to the very top of the waiting list by paying the remaining half of their equity, plus their entire annual dues amount, and have affirmed that they will remain members in good standing by remaining current on their dues payments in the future. Full members may bring guests whenever the pool is open, should vote in elections, and are encouraged to sponsor new members.

Senior members

Senior Memberships are available when the PRIMARY membership holder has reached age 65, or will reach 65 before closing day of the swim season. Seniors are eligible for a $25 fee reduction for annual dues.


Resignations must be submitted in writing, with a signature, and can only be accepted by mail (email and/or email attachments are NOT accepted). Please be sure to include the members’ full names, address on record, email and phone, as well as the signature of the principal member, and the address where the equity refund should be mailed.

Alternatively, you can fill out the Dues form that is mailed out in March of each year, indicating that you are resigning. A copy may be downloaded here.

Resignations should be sent to the Membership Chair at the pool address. Members will receive their remaining equity by check after their membership is resold, which sometimes takes a few months. Also, to avoid having their equity reduced by an additional 5%, members should submit their resignation before June 1 in any given year.

Guest and Childcare Provider Fees:

GUESTS: There is a charge for all guests of both Full and Seasonal Members plus a total limit of 20 guests allowed per year. Fees are $8/person Sat, Sun, Holidays. Monday-Friday $6/person before 6pm and $1/person after 6pm.

CHILDCARE PROVIDERS: There is a fee of $200 per year for childcare providers. If the provider needs to also bring nonmember children, there is a $75 fee per child.

Please visit the Childcare Provider Form page to complete request Form.

Current Member Forms

CURRENT MEMBER Dues & Membership/Resignation Form:

This form is to be used by current members only, to download, complete and return to the Club Secretary with dues payments or resignations. It is the paperwork for making changes on your membership (such as the birth of a child), and may also be used to resign your membership. This is not an application for membership. The form will be mailed to all members or you may download, fill in, print and mail a PDF from our site.