Membership Forms

Cheverly Pool’s Membership Department uses the following applications and forms:

  • New Membership Application
  • Member Renewal and Dues Payment Form (coming soon)
  • Childcare Provider Form (coming soon)

The New Membership Application and the Childcare Provider Application are available as either forms you may fill out on our website, or PDF copies which you may download, fill out, print, and mail in. The Member Renewal and Dues Payment Form requires a live signature for certain actions such as resignation; therefore it can only be filled out and submitted via the PDF option at this time. Links to each are provided at the bottom of this page.

The payment(s) required may currently be made by either check or Paypal, no matter which way you choose to submit the form(s). You will be able to add more than one fee(s) or due(s) type to the cart (for example, your membership fee and childcare fee) and make one payment at checkout. The official payment date for a check will be the postmark on the envelope it is mailed in. For Paypal, you will receive a dated confirmation email; the date on that message will be the official payment date. Payments can be made from the site by accessing the “Pay Dues and Fees” link on the menu at the absolute top of the website or the individual “Pay now via Paypal” links on the pages where the forms are located.

Links to the forms are as follows:

New Membership Application

2017 Dues Letter

2017 Childcare Provider Form

Pool Conditions

The pool is closed for the season. We will reopen on Saturday, May 27th, 2017.