Dolphin Team

The Dolphin Team is our Prince-Mont Swim League (PMSL) team. It is for proficient swimmers, aged 7-18. This is a no-cut team, but ideally swimmers know all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) and can swim legally across the pool in at least one. Our youngest swimmers routinely complete 20-30 laps (~500 – 750m) per practice, while our senior swimmers routinely complete 60-70 laps (1500-1700m). This team requires a fairly high level of parent involvement and a team suit.

This team offers 2 levels of competition. The competitive season includes 5 A-meets, a Divisionals meet and an All-Stars meet. Coaches choose the events for the swimmers, depending on times. For our less competitive swimmers we usually have 2-4 B-meets throughout the season, events are chosen by the swimmer.

2017 Dolphin Team Schedule

June 17  Dual Meet #1

June 24th  Dual Meet #2

July 1st  Dual Meet #3

July 7th  Dual Meet #4

July 15th  Dual Meet #5

July 22nd  Divisionals

July 25th Team Banquet

July 29th  All Stars

Dolphin Team Practices

Swimmers are encouraged to participate in practice every day during the season, M-F. Two practices are offered, mornings and evenings. Morning practices are strongly encouraged for many reasons: longer practice time, the team has use of the whole pool, the team doesn’t displace the general membership. Typically evening practices are reserved for swimmers in summer camp. They are often overcrowded and less efficient due to lane shortage.

Dolphin Team Registration

To register for Dolphin Team, click here.


Please remember that our team depends strongly on our parent volunteers. We need all families to sign-up for at least one, maybe two jobs this summer! Knowing that it takes about 40 parent volunteers to run each meet, we are always looking for lane timers and help with concessions. But more importantly, we need parents to complete PMSL training for official positions. So if you’ve been on the swim team for a year or two, it’s time to start thinking of getting some training! For more information on the training sessions visit the PMSL website –  Thank You!