Swimmer & Parent Responsibilities

Swimmer Responsibilities

  1. Attend as many practices as possible, and be on time for practices. Free Pancake Breakfast coupon awarded for attendance at 5 practices/week. To receive a Season Bar (award patch) you must attend 15 full practices/season. Coaches take practice attendance.
  2. Swimmers must be respectful of their coaches and fellow swimmers at all times.
  3. For swim meets, swimmer must: check-in with coaches at the specified arrival time, stand respectfully for the Nation Anthem, stay in team area, cheer for teammates, stay for the entire meet, help clean-up afterwards.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Thank you for getting your swimmer(s) to practice! Morning practices are our best team practices – we have full use of the pool and longer practice time. Please make attendance of morning practice a priority – whenever possible.
  2. Please note that the pool is not open during morning practice and family members are asked to wait in the snack bar area. Use of the baby pool and grounds are not permitted as this is a liability issue for the pool.
  3. Please stay for the entire swim meet. Finale relays are seeded after the IM events. It is sometimes hard to find swimmers for the relays. More than that if everyone packs up and heads home, no one is left to cheer on the girls relay team, last event of the meet. So in a push for team solidarity, please stay to the end. Lastly, we head out to pizza after away meets and have a back court cook-out after home meets – you’d miss the food! 🙂
  4. Please help supervise your children at meets and team activities. Encourage healthy snacks and a good night’s rest before meets.
  5. Please notify the coaches of swimmer availability for Saturday meets at the beginning of the season (you can find the “I Won’t Be Here” form on our website)
  6. Please contribute to and volunteer for our team swim meets and activities. It takes a village to have a swim team. Here are some of the tasks we need help with:
    • sales (spiritwear, swim accessories, etc…)
    • awards and ribbons,
    • swim meets (tons of help needed here – lane timers, stroke and turn officials, clerk of course, data manager, meet manager, announcer, to name a few)
    • food and parties (our team loves to eat, we need help with pancake breakfasts, post-meet cookouts, the banquet, etc..)