Ladies Tennis

Ladies of all levels and ages are welcome. We meet at the clay courts every Tuesday from 9-12pm. It is not necessary to be there for three hours–come when you are able for fun singles or doubles. We would possibly be able to assess the need for babysitting arrangements if we had an idea of how many in this category might be attending. Please contact Gail Scott, Tennis Chairman, by clicking here

Youth Tennis Clinics

2017 schedule to be announced

Private Tennis Lessons

Private lessons are available for a fee (private, semi-private and small group). Please contact Bill Barnes, our Tennis Manager, either on the courts or by email by clicking here.

Tennis Calendar

2017 schedule to be announced

  • Ladies Tennis

  • Junior Tennis Clinics

  • Adult Round Robin & Potluck Dinner

  • Youth Tennis Banquet

Junior Matches

 2017 schedule to be announced

Pool Conditions

The pool is closed for the season. We will reopen on Saturday, May 27th, 2017.