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board of directors

The Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club is managed by 12 volunteer board members. One-third of the Directors are elected each year in the fall and serve three-year terms. The Board meets on the third Thursday of each month and offers two open meetings per year to hear directly from members.

The Board consists of an executive committee of four Board members. They are elected at the beginning of the year.

2023 Board of Directors Executive Committee

President – Nathan Darling

Vice President  – Becky Fleeson

Secretary  – Kendra Brown

Treasurer  – Charlie Correia

Our general CSRC email is moc.liamg@looprsc, and we also have direct email addresses for each Board member and the corresponding area they are overseeing.  This should make communication more streamlined and easier for members to communicate their prospective needs.

board members

Nathan Darling, President moc.liamg@tnediserploopvehc
Becky Fleeson, Vice President moc.liamg@pvloopvehc and Membership moc.liamg@pihsrebmemloopvehc
Kendra Brown, Secretary moc.liamg@yratercesloopvehc
Charlie Correia, Treasurer moc.liamg@rerusaertloopvehc

Abel Olivo, Activities moc.liamg@5draobloopvehc
Deb Moss, Tennis and Volleyball Programs moc.liamg@sinnetloopvehc
Dave Kneipp, Pool Facilities moc.liamg@seitilicafloopvehc
Jen Eldridge, Communications and Pool Grounds moc.liamg@sdnuorgloopvehc
Liz Pelcyger, Swim Programs moc.liamg@smargorpmiwsloopvehc
Kyo Freeman, At-Large moc.liamg@1draobloopvehc
Maria Escher, At-Large moc.liamg@6draobloopvehc


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