2024 FEES

One-time equity payment

  • $1500 per membership
  • It is most often split into two payments, one of $750 when you become a seasonal member, and one of $750 when you become a full member.
  • This equity payment is reimbursed to you when you resign, in a prorated form. (The club keeps 10% per year not to exceed 50%.)

Annual Dues

  • Dues must be paid in full by May 1 to avoid late fees
  • $760 per membership ($810 after May 1)
  • $200 Nanny fee
  • $275 Nanny + extra child fee

Who can share a membership?

CSRC defines a membership as a household and its immediate dependents. Specifically, this includes:

  1. A primary member (determined/designated by the household) and that primary member’s spouse, partner, or significant other.
  2. Relatives of the primary member and that primary member’s spouse, partner, or significant other; or others who: are legal or financial dependents of the primary member and spouse, partner, or significant other AND who physically reside at, and have as their principal address, the address of the membership.

This does NOT include short-term visitors (including extended family members), household employees, roommates, or tenants.

Membership is non-transferable. The primary member designated by each household will have financial and custodial (e.g., voting, confirmation of other members) responsibility for that household’s membership.

Late Fees

  • $50 fee assessed to dues paid between May 1 and June 15
  • Additional $50 fee assessed to dues paid after June 15
  • Memberships are subject to termination if dues are not paid by August 1
  • Outstanding dues will be deducted from equity reimbursement ​

Dues Payment Options

  • Pay online
  • Log into the primary account​
  • Pay by Debit or Credit Card (additional $22.50 convenience fee to cover transaction cost)
  • Pay by check​ made out to CSRC
  • Mail to P.O. Box 1414, Landover, MD 20785


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