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Subject: “Countdown to Opening” Updates

Hello Members.

Welcome to the Cheverly Pool 2021 season!  Please refer to our email of May 14, 2021 and below for important updates on our planned opening this Saturday, May 29th at 10:00 am.

  • NEW – GUESTS ALLOWED IN JUNE, WEEKDAYS ONLY.  We will allow guests on weekdays only, beginning on Tuesday, June 1.  Guest fees must be paid via credit card as no cash or checks will be accepted at the Front Desk.  Members can log into their portal and place a credit card on file for speedy check in.  The Guest Fees page of our website has more information.
  • NEW – POLICY ON MINORS.  Children must be 12 an older (not 10 and over) to attend the pool without a supervising adult (18 and over).
  • NEW – REVISED POOL RULES.  Please visit the Pool Rules page of our website as we have revised many of our rules, and to get a refresher.  Adults are responsible for the conduct of their children and members responsible for the conduct of their guests as relates to all rules, including all COVID-related guidance.
  • NEW – EXPANDED HOURS.  This season’s hours will be 10:00 am – 9 pm, Sunday through Wednesday and 10:00 am – 10 pm, Thursday through Saturdays.
  • NEW – TAGLESS CHECK IN.  We no longer use the key tags for check in.  Please be ready to provide your four-digit Member ID, or name. The four-digit number is the same as you use to pay dues or enrolled in classes last year.
  • NEW – WEBSITE.  We expect to launch the pool’s new website later this week.  Links in this email should remain the same, but just in case please check back Thursday or Friday to confirm any critical information from the website.
  • NEW – BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR OPTION.  While we repaired many chairs in the off season and ordered many new ones, due to global shipping issues some of our replacement chairs have not yet arrived.  Members are welcome to bring their own folding chairs (no canopies please).
  • NEW – DIVING BOARD TIMING.  The diving boards will be open the first ten minutes of each hour.  Use during the remaining time is at lifeguard discretion.  NOTE: A swim test may be requested at any time by the lifeguard.  The test involves swimming over and back across the well using any stroke.  The decision of the lifeguard is final for that day.
  • NEW – ONE WAY FOOT TRAFFIC.  – To allow for social distancing, a one-way traffic pattern will be maintained, like last season.  Members will check in at a canopy located in the parking lot, enter the building at the front desk, and continue through their side of the bathhouse.  The snack bar gate will not be used for entry this season.  Members will exit through the large parking lot gate.
  • “THE BACK 40”. -to enhance social distancing and allow for members to spread out, a new 12′ opening has been installed at the end of the sidewalk by the playground.  Tables, chairs, and umbrellas are welcome in this area, as well as member use of the volleyball courts, basketball hoop and tennis wall.
  • ACTIVITIES. – This year the water may be closed at certain times. Please see the white board on the sidewalk after checking in. The grounds will remain open even when water is closed.  We are easing into full operations and will not be planning camp out, regular float mornings, blow up houses on holidays, etc. for the first few weeks of our season.  Watch for more updates on activities.
  • GOLDEN GUESTS. – Since we will not be collecting cash or checks at the Front Desk, please log in to your portal and place a credit card on file for your guest fee, or we can accept your credit card at the front desk. The Golden Guest Fee is $5.00 per session.
  • LAP LANES. – There will be two lap lanes during regular pool hours, with one designated to walkers from 1-4 pm.  Lane use is limited to 45 minutes and two swimmers per lane is encouraged.  Adults-only morning lap swim takes place from 6-7:30 am Monday-Friday, beginning June 1.  Additional hours TBD in August after swim team season.
  • SHOWERS. – The bathhouse, including showers, will be fully operational this year.
  • GRILL. – The grill area is available, both propane and charcoal.  Please clean up after yourself.
  • WEATHER CLOSINGS. – We will use a text alert system for weather closings this season, particularly for frequent closings as storms move through the area.  To get a head start on the season, sign up by texting” POOL” to 888-606-0674.   You will receive confirmation of your enrollment.
  • TENNIS. – Gate will remain locked until the pool grounds open on Memorial Day Weekend.  The lock combo is 2021.  The clay court may be used if the net is up.  Har-Tru courts are available unless the gate is locked.  Please padlock the gate when you leave and do not share the code with non-members.  Once the pool season begins, court access will be through the gate at the end of the snack bar awning. We plan to resume our tennis lessons and program this year.  Stay tuned for more details or email moc.liamg@sinnetloopvehc :liamE to ask questions.
  • NO EQUIPMENT OR MERCHANDISE. – Due to COVID, sports equipment will not be available for rent and miscellaneous sundries (diapers, goggles, lotion) will not be available for sale.
  • LOST AND FOUND. – Items will be placed in the bins on the deck between the restrooms and will be disposed of after three days.
  • SNACK BAR UPDATE .- The Snack Bar will be closed for renovations during 2021 so it will be PICNIC DAY EVERY DAY!!  Please NO GLASS at any time.  The snack vending machine and additional beverage vending options will be coming online before the end of June.  The water bottle filler will also return to its corner of the snack bar building. This season the vending machines will take cash and credit cards.
  • CHEVERLY DOLPHINS SWIM TEAM!  The Pool will have a swim team this year! The Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club Swim Team — the Cheverly Dolphins — will kick-off the swim team season at their June 1 information session, at 6 PM. Bring a picnic dinner and find out more! Proficient swimmers under the age of 18 of all experience levels are encouraged to join the team. To get more details and sign up, visit the Swim Team page of our website.  Not yet ready for the swim team? Then consider Guppies or Minnows — develop all the skills and endurance young swimmers need to enjoy the pool and join the swim team. Note that while the Dolphins are practicing or during meets on Saturday mornings in June and July, the pool may be closed to other swimmers.
  • DOLPHN ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS. – A reminder from our last message – there are graduated prices if your family has more than one swimmer joining the team.  Due to the limitation of our software, to enroll two children, select one child’s name and the two (or three or four) child option so you will be charged the correct price.  We will follow up and find out the names of the other children attending.,

COVID-19 – Although we have lifted capacity restrictions, per CDC guidance and Prince George’s County guidance, we encourage members to keep social distance throughout the grounds and in the water and to wear masks when you cannot social distance (no masks in the water).  CSRC staff are required to wear masks.  Please be courteous and mindful that we have members who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

COVID-19 Guidance and Notice to Members.  We remind members that although many restrictions are being lifted, social distancing and mask guidelines remain in place for many situations.  The Board will continue to evaluate the information released by Prince George’s County, the State of MD, and the CDC to determine the safest way to operate our pool this season and adjust as additional information becomes available during the summer. Please be advised, considering the health risks posed by COVID-19, our expectation is that members, guests (and their children) will NOT enter the pool grounds if they show any of the following within 24 hours of attending the pool:

  • Temperature is or has been greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius),
  • Coughing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
  • Chills, repeated shaking muscle pain, headache, sore throat,
  • New loss of taste or smell,
  • Close contact with a person with any of the above symptoms or known COVID-19 infection during the prior 14 days.
  • Undergoing evaluation (pending test results) for COVID-19 infection or diagnosis of COVID-19 in the prior 14 days.

Members are also reminded to wash their hands frequently with soap and water and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

We invite any member to contact any member of the Board with questions or concerns. The CSRC website has contact details for each Board member, by role.   If you are not sure who to contact, you can email moc.liamg@looprsc :liamE or moc.liamg@tnediserploopvehc :liamE.

We are excited to welcome you for the 2021 season.  Please watch your inbox for additional updates in this unusual pool season.  Please relay any questions to moc.liamg@looprsc :liamE.

Thank you!

CSRC Board

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