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We are the Dolphins, the mighty, mighty Dolphins!!!

​The Cheverly Dolphin swim team is open to all proficient swimmers, ages 8 – 18. The swimmers on this team should know all four strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly), and be able to swim the length of the pool in at least one stroke. Our youngest swimmers routinely complete 20-30 laps (~500 – 750m) per practice, while our senior swimmers routinely complete 60-70 laps (1500-1700m). This team requires a high level of family involvement.

This team competes in the Prince-Mont Swim League. Based on speed and availability, the coaches select the meet event(s) in which the swimmers will compete; more swimmers can compete at home meets than away meets.

This year, swimmers compete in three (3) Saturday swim meets. The three regular meets will be: June 26 and July 10 and 17; with the Divisional meet on July 24 and the All-Stars meet July 31 for all qualified swimmers (note that swimmers must qualify for the Divisionals meet after July 17, and only selected Divisionals swimmers will attend the All-Stars meet).

Dolphin Team Fees & Registration

The Dolphin Swim team fee is $125 for the first swimmer in a family for the season. The second swimmer is $75 for the season, and each additional swimmer is $50 for the season.

The Cheverly Dolphins Swim Team has one of the best, if not the best, coach in our league. Our team has experienced a level of consistency and leadership that other teams in our league do not enjoy, and the result is back-to-back division titles and a program where every child is known and their skills grow each season.

Our fees have not changed for many seasons and have become out-of-line with our costs and the program’s market value. This year’s increased fees are closer to actual costs for our swim team program. The Board has been reviewing all aspects of our operations and finances from top to bottom to ensure that our club is well managed. Swim Team and Swim Lesson fees increases reflect our continued work to ensure the financial health of our club.  Along the same lines, please remember to pay for all your children who will join the team when you pay your seasonal dues.

We do not want our fees to create a financial barrier to your child’s participation! Please contact the moc.liamg@rerusaertloopvehc to discuss a sliding fee scale that will allow your family to participate.

Each Dolphin must be registered and paid to participate. The fee covers the team’s expenses including the coaches, ribbons and trophies. You can register and pay for your swimmers on our Member’s Portal.

​Dolphin Coaches

Ann Caldwell, Head Coach

2021 Dolphins Schedule

June 1 Orientation and Bring your own Picnic Dinner Kick-Off 6pm (Tuesday)

Saturday Meets (Approx. 8am – Noon + travel time for away meets)

  • June 26

  • July 10

  • July 17

  • July 24 Divisional Swim Meet

  • July 31 Prince-Mont All Star Swim Meet

Dolphin Team Practices

Swimmers are encouraged to participate in at least one practice each day. The morning practice is recommended because it is longer and the lanes are less crowded.

Swim Team Practice Times

Evening (M-Th)

June 2 – July 15

5:30 – 6:30

ALL AGES — The pool water will be closed for swim team practice.

Morning (M-F)

June 14 – July 17

7:15 – 8:30 Ages  11-18

8:15 – 9:30 Ages  7-10

Note: A coupon for a free Breakfast is awarded to swimmers who attend at least five (5) practices/week. A Season Bar award patch is only awarded to swimmers who attend at least 15 full practices/season. Coaches take practice attendance.

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